Khmer General Education

Why Khmer?

Although we place a heavy emphasis on our International Program, which is mostly taught in English, Khmer is still an important language for students to learn in Cambodia. For many of them, it is the language they will hear at home and everywhere else they go in Cambodia. It is important for them to learn Khmer well so that they can communicate with their peers who do not know English, and it is important if they want to continue to develop Cambodia in the future.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are what makes our program what it is. Without them, our school would be nothing. That is why we focus on only providing USAIS students with the best teachers we can find. In our program, you will find teachers who focus on:

  • Making sure each student fully understands their material
  • Qualified to teach based on their educational background and ability to command a room
  • Providing children with a safe learning environment
  • Establishing good teacher-parent relationships

Our Lessons

Our Khmer General Education Program covers a lot of different material. Besides the basic education (math, language, history, etc.), here are some other topics USAIS offered to students:

  • Dance, poetry, and song
  • Computer skills
  • Music
  • Sports (Soccer, Swimming, Ballet, etc.)
  • Rules of the Road
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Morality in Society
  • Consequences of Drug Use
  • Nutrition & Body Hygiene
  • Ancient & Modern Khmer Culture
  • Emergency Preparedness

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