Adult English Program

What is AEP?

USAIS’s Adult English Program (also known as AEP for short) is a program for adults who are too old to be enrolled in USAIS main curriculum but want to study English.

Students are placed in one of 12 levels according to their placement test results. Level 1 students are beginner English students; Level 12 students are high advanced students. As students pass each of their level exams, they progress onto higher levels.

Why Should USAIS Students Take AEP?

Language learning never ends. With AEP, students:

  • Build up their English knowledge
  • Learn to work in groups and make speeches in front of classmates
  • Make new friends
  • Build up their resume and making themselves eligible to become an English Teacher at USAIS after they graduate K12
  • Become eligible to apply for a scholarships to study overseas

Previous Khmer USAIS students will get a 20% discount in AEP.

Course Objectives

  • To strengthen English language skills in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Proficiency.
  • To be proficient in multiple areas of study in English including: Language Arts, Science, Math, History, and Geography.
  • To be able to read and comprehend basic English texts.
  • To be able to write coherent paragraphs and express ideas and stories in written form.
  • To develop the students ability to speak in a public forum.
  • To develop skills needed to apply for studying overseas.

Course Components

  • Each level comes with a new and modern course book,  accompanied by video CDs and exercises to make learning English more enjoyable and fruitful. We want practice to be transformed into fun.
  • Program consists of material similar to what is used in schools in England and America.
  • Program consists of the same material as a full-time English curriculum but is condensed into one program.
  • We chose AEP teachers that are skillful and experienced educators. Teachers are foreigners who’s first language is English.
  • Both teachers and students are expected to speak English 100% of the time at school.
  • Special certificates are awarded to the top 3 students.

Benefits of AEP

  • Students study only two hours per day; the time commitment is minimal.
  • Students will improve their macro skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking).
  • Students will become confident in speaking English in public.
  • Students will be able to take the Cambridge English Test; doing well on this test makes students attractive candidates for job positions domestic and abroad.
  • Students will learn valuable skills needed to do research.
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