Teaching Staff

At USAIS, we accept nothing but the best teachers. We require that teachers attend extra seminars, workshops and classes to enhance their teaching abilities in key areas such as: curriculum building; lesson planning; activity-based, child centered lessons; use of music and video to enhance learning; weekly seminars to improve English listening, pronunciation and speaking; time management; and innovative teaching methodology.

We want students to know that teachers care not only about their education but their overall well-being. Our students are the future of Cambodia, and we want nothing less but the best for them and our country.

Why Do You Like Working at USAIS?

General Directors

Heang Chea
Meas Leakhena
Phnom Penh
Pen Borith
Vy Chaya
Siem Reap

USAIS Departments

International Kin & Primary
Khmer Kin & Primary
Adult English Program
Khmer High School
International High School
Operations & Administration
Development & Relations
Information Technology


USAIS focuses mostly on a combined Australian-American Curriculum, but the curriculum may vary depending on area of study and focus.

We are currently located in four provinces: Phnom Penh, Battambang, Sisophon, and Siem Reap.

Classes are taught in either English or Khmer, depending on the subject and level of the student.